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A luxury yacht is a significant investment; whatever the size, yachts are valuable assets and require careful management. We provide seamless and exceptional shore-side support to ensure all aspects of your yacht are dealt with efficiently. From cost control for the operation and maintenance of your yacht, to every aspect of operating it, we operate with efficiency, transparency and, of course, accountability.


Yacht Accounting and Financial Management

Keeping a check on the accounts of the yacht is of upmost importance. Allowing a proper accountant to carry this out is also a good idea for increased validation and potential resale in the future. A Yacht broker will look for clean up to date accounts to prepare for potential buyers.  For general transactions, setting up a separate bank account in a common currency (like EUR) allows more manageable payment. According to your preference, you can keep a check on all the expenditures on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Financial Management can also assist with setting up Offshore companies to run the Yacht under. 

Safety Management (ISM AND ISPS)

All marine vessels, including your yacht, have to follow safety protocols at sea. The most vital of these are the International Safety Management (ISM) Code and the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.
The ISM Code was implemented by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to maintain an international standard set of safety and pollution prevention rules. The ISPS Code, which is an amendment of Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), deals with the minimum safety requirements. Governments and marine vessels (like your yacht) are supposed to adhere to these. Preventative measures are taken if safety requirements are not adhered to.

Technical Support Management

Technical support management encompasses each and every aspect that allows a yacht to function safely. It includes maintenance and upkeep, repair and fixing, scheduled servicing, buying equipment, and spare parts required on board from vendors and outsourcing captains and crew for safe handling of the Yacht. In case of an accident, the technical support team can provide crew with a blueprint for each and every part of the ship along with spare parts for fixing while simultaneously trying to get in touch with nearby coastguards or vessels. This way, not only the Engineers and qualified crew ensure the Safety of the Yacht, technical management can help with multiple security solutions by way of a DPA (designated person ashore) who the Captain and crew can contact for assistance 24/7.

Yacht Planned Maintenance

Much like any machinery requires frequent servicing to fix any possible problems and boost functionality, yachts need servicing as well known as planned maintenance. Since the risks of yachts at sea are much higher, yacht maintenance has to be well planned and organised to ensure as little downtime as possible. Longer extended planned maintenance period often take place in local shipyards. Some Yachts go back to the original Yacht Builder to have warranty works performed or major refits. Yacht planned maintenance implements a plan to ensure the Yachts safety and security is up to date and guest ready at all times.

Yacht Insurance

Yachts are extremely expensive luxury items, but if there’s any kind of major damage, yacht insurance is essential. Great contact with the best insurance brokers can help you with the kind of insurance intended for your yacht.

Crew Recruitment and Placement

Allure can take care of recruiting a highly qualified, medically fit, certified and well trained crew to ensure the safe manning of your Yacht is intact. The owner and captain or yacht manager should be present to properly interview and accordingly screen candidates who apply to be part of the crew.

Crew Management and Payroll

Crew Management is by no means an easy task, with the number of crew members ranging from 15 to 100+ crew depending on the size of yacht. Ensuring the crews qualifications are up to date, taking care of payroll and training. If you want the highest possible service for your guests you will also want the best crew for your Yacht.

Luxury Yacht Management

While owning a yacht is the easy part, managing one is extremely hard.
As an owner, you can be as involved as you wish and step out completely. But when you’ll need your yacht, the management will have everything set as you wish. 

Yacht Operations Management

The yacht operations management side of things includes everything that makes you, the owner, and your yacht look presentable wherever you are. Your crew should make sure that the presentation of the yacht is flawless at all times and this is why they work around the clock to ensure when you step foot onboard everything is ready to go. There should be an itinerary ready and available to everyone on the yacht as a guide. Some crew members can brief people about the ports and local cities as well to enhance the overall experience. These are some of the tasks that our yacht operations management team put together in advance, to ensure you and your guests have the dream trip.

Yacht Re-fit

Yacht refitting is like a complete remodeling of your yacht. However, a yacht refit involves more than just a change in décor. It includes repairs, maintenance, renovation, servicing, remodeling, reconstruction, and any other possible improvements. Usually, there are two primary reasons for yacht refits. When yachts age, their different parts age as well and slowly, your yacht starts to fall apart. A proper yacht refit, however, can get rid of all these problems and make your yacht look like new!

Registration and VAT

The registration of yachts requires many legal procedures. Along with setting the right port facility as an owner or captain of a yacht, it also has to be registered under the tag of a commercial yacht or one for private usage. We can help with the legal procedures and paperwork for the registration of your yacht.

Charter Management

A great idea for your private yacht is to convert it into a commercial yacht. The yacht owner can save money for maintenance, technical support, security, and safety measures, which makes for a great way to generate some business as well. Charter costs can be upwards of 1 millions dollars per week for the Large Luxury Yachts so it can be a good idea to Charter your yacht and also generate interest should it be on the market for sale.


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